Dressing MV supports you acting "green" November 10 2015

Tamara manages a dynamic and young team of consultants, helping Slovene companies better handle their data to optimize their business operations. With her team, she enjoys helping all staff members to get on top of the changes that new data management in their company brings along.

"I am wearing MV sleeved detail dress in black colour, paired with a black leather jacket. I like the way the dress makes me feel – feminine and comfortable at the same time. Matched with different accessories, I wear the dress for formal job occasions, and enjoy it as good companion at free time coffee chats with friends.

Aiming to treat our planet and nature in a sustainable and caring way, I put special attention to protect and most effectively use scare resources. Wishing to act as "green" as possible, I recycle daily garbage, old mobile phones, PCs and clothes, and buy locally and ecologically produced food and cosmetics. I appreciate that the dress is made from fabric that is processed and manufactured in an ecological and socially acceptable manner."  #WomenWearingMilaVert