Effortless clothing for fashionable women with busy lifestyle November 30 2015

Tjaša works at an academic hospital, taking care of people suffering from cancer. She is supporting patients recovering in the best possible way, and making their hospital stay as comfortable as possible. Having a rewarding but also a very demanding job, she likes to spend her free time with family and friends. She appreciates effortless clothing, which is easy to combine and match, and is appropriate for many occasions spent with her loved ones.

“I am wearing Mila.Vert standing collar dress. I particularly like the dress for the soft feel of its organic fabric and because I find it appropriate for several occasions, be it lectures at the hospital, dinners with friends, or just casual walks around town. With this pastel mint color, I consider it to be a good fit to my darker skin tone.

I match the dress with different shoes and accessories. To turn it into an autumn outfit, I styled this more summerly dress with a light grey coat and made it thus wearable also for the colder days.”  #WomenWearingMilaVert