A true classic and a must-have for every modern woman

A true classic and a must-have for every modern woman

Monika works as an accountant assistant for an IT company in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since there are statutory deadlines and accounting obligations to be complied with, she believes positive energy of the team is important, as well as being well-organised, consistent and thorough as an individual. Her job fulfils her, and she gains new momentum for upcoming challenges when she carries out her tasks well.

In her private life she tries to stay grounded and authentic in her relationships towards nature and people, especially towards her dearest ones, her son and her partner.

“My partner and I have created our own paradise on Earth in Savinjska Valley. We built a house with a beautiful view on a hill. A neat house is a project on its own. It's been two years since we settled in, yet I still spend our free weekends, as much as my two-year-old allows it, working on the house's surroundings, growing our own vegetables and arranging everything in »our feng shui«. I really enjoy it, the work relaxes and inspires me constantly.

Since our home is quite literally embraced by nature, nature does mean a big deal to me. I respect its laws and try to act accordingly. It’s what I also pass on to my son. Walks in the forest, to the mountains, along a lake, cycling in the valley, these are our escapes from the daily duties. Along the way we create our own, intimate stories, the best wooden toys and our favourite shared moments.

I like to dress up nicely and, with years, quality and origin of my clothes are becoming more important to me. Mila.Vert truly is a label with a personality. You can simply feel the work of human hands and the energy of Tina, the designer, in the pieces of clothing. They carry a strong message which is reflected in the quality of the fabric and the even stitching.

My shirt dress can be worn in plenty different ways – as a light summer dress with sandals or styled with jeans and heels. It’s a true classic and a must-have for every modern woman.” #WomenWearingMilaVert