Beautifully structured fabric June 06 2017

Mojca works for an international company with a leading position in development of systems and products applied in the construction sector and motor vehicle industry. In her long tenure of 17 years, she has been overseeing and executing the marketing, ecology & environment and health & safety activities.

With a help of her two young and curious daughters, she also promotes eco-friendly activities at home. They put special attention to waste separation and the girls help with the tasks related to it.                                                                          

With her daughters, she re-charges batteries and she takes a break from daily challenges with taking time for herself – she favors going mountain hiking with friends.

Mojca says about her Mila.Vert Back zipper dress: "It is so easy to wear this dress and to style it for different occasions. I wear it for work, evening walks to town, partying with friends, etc. What I like the most is the beautifully structured fabric that the dress is made from." #WomenWearingMilaVert