Clean lines and minimalism May 19 2017

Nina, a mother of three is professionally and privately engaged in dealing with ecological food and cosmetics. She is a founder of an online shop selling ecological and vegan food. Being environmentally conscious is part of her lifestyle – she puts many thoughts into extending the lifespan of the products she owns, following the principle to reduce, reuse and recycle. She is also interested in clothing made from ecological materials, and for her children – she is swapping pieces of clothing with other mothers.

“I have a busy lifestyle with many activities and thus appreciate clothing that is comfortable, but elegant at the same time and appropriate for many occasions. That is why I like to wear my Mila.Vert dresses. I can combine them with either high heels or sneakers, and get myself ready for different occasions. Clean lines and minimalism in their clothing enables me to easily create a styling I feel comfortable to wear.” #WomenWearingMilaVert