How fine fabrics feels on your skin: it is a feeling of freedom May 29 2017

Ida is importing high quality ecological cosmetics to Slovene market, and presents and offers it through her online shop EKO PLEME as well as concept and cosmetic stores throughout Slovenia. Her aim is to bring cosmetics that include 100% natural ingredients, and are not tested on animals, closer to women who are interested in decorative cosmetics. She likes to exchange her views regarding sustainability topics with others, and promotes awareness of a conscious lifestyle as a way to improve the quality of our lives. She wants to be a good example herself. She is separating waste, doesn't use plastic bottles and bags, buys and consumes organic food, uses ecological cosmetics, and wears ecological clothing.

Ida says about Mila.Vert clothing: "It was a love at first sight. Besides liking the design of clothing – minimal but still feminine, I was excited that the clothing is made of ecological material. I am careful about making purchasing decisions. First of all, it is important to me that all people involved in the production process are paid fairly for their work, and secondly, I want to wear clothing that is not made from genetically modified cotton. In addition, I don't want clothing that required the use of toxic chemicals (pesticides, toxic dyes, etc.) during production, which don't go fully away with washing and stay on our skin or are absorbed by our body.

The minimalistic design enables me wearing these pieces of clothing from morning to evening and style them for each occasion a bit differently - with the help of shoes and accessoires. The fabric colours are compatible with other pieces in my wardrobe. There are many dresses and tunics I simply adore. I like the way how Mila.Vert's fine fabrics feels on my skin – it is a feeling of freedom." #WomenWearingMilaVert