It looks beautiful, it's light and timeless July 19 2017

Klavdija has dedicated her career to yoga and is opening her own yoga center soon. She finds her work as a yoga teacher a great pleasure. But being a yoga teacher is not just a job. It’s a wholesome lifestyle, and Klavdija realizes that. Her goal, among others, is to share the knowing that people function from the inside out. We already have it all within us – we just have to find it. Klavdija cares deeply about her environmental impact, be it the clothes she wears or the foods she eats. She recycles, buys local and organic food, and even has her own garden where she is able to grow her own vegetables.

“My Mila.Vert dress is simply ideal. It looks beautiful, it’s light and timeless, but also fashionable, organic, clean and quiet. These are the values that mean a lot to me. Mila.Vert is a brand I support and believe in as it satisfies all my needs.” #WomenWearingMilaVert