Mila.Vert Styling tips: Wide rib top & dress in peach colour

Mila.Vert Styling tips: Wide rib top & dress in peach colour

How to spice up an outfit without a hassle? Simply add some colours – the brighter, the better. Our organic cotton wide rib material in peach colour will make sure to provide just the right amount of liveliness as an antidote to the cold and murky weather. 

But it isn’t just the eye-catching colour that makes our Wide-rib high neck top and Wide-rib long dress so special. The stretchy material is made solely from 100% organic cotton; it is the ribbed structure that gives the two products just the right amount of stretchiness to complement the shape of the body perfectly. For that reason, the duo is incredibly comfortable to weaand easy to style. 

Here are three ways to wear them:

Styling no. 1 

Wear the top and the dress on their own. It’s as simple as that - the beautifully crafted material with wide vertical lines is already gorgeous-looking enough on its own. 

Styling no. 2 

When paired with our Arty bricks scarf, the result is absolutely striking – and we love it. The grey and cream complement peach colour perfectly and the unique design of the incredibly soft scarf adds to the liveliness of the outfit. 

Mila vert styling tips - how to style scarf

Styling no. 3 

Heading out? Rain or shine (and cold), our Hooded water-resistant coat has got you coveredContrasting the peach colour beautifully, the dark blue coat with its clean design harmonizes the dress or the top into an elegant yet casual outfit. 


Both the top and the dress come in three colours: peach, burgundy and black. Discover more about the Wide-rib high neck top and the Wide-rib long dress.


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