Shirt dresses in olive green colour January 10 2017

We have recently extended our offer of black popline and blue denim shirt dresses with additional olive green colour fabric. It is another timeless colour that has its fans across different generations. As our other shirt dresses, these can be styled in many ways and complement women’s wardrobe in cases they consist more of urban wear or business wear. They can be an answer to a woman’s search for some casual and elegant outfit.

All our shirt dresses are made by seamstresses working for a small family-owned company located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The fabric consists of 98% of premium organic cotton that is certified according to The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which ensures that all phases in the production processes meet strong ecological and social standards. 2% of elastane makes this dress comfortable to wear and provides a perfect fit.

Both versions of shirt dresses are completed with a matching detachable belt, hidden button fastening that runs along the front and in-seam pockets. Some elements that define a classic trench coat (Trench coat shirt dress) and a wide standing neckline (Standing neckline shirt dress) add sophisticated details to these dresses.