The Price of Organic Cotton

The Price of Organic Cotton

Higher prices of organic cotton products – why is that so?

You might have noticed we’ve raised our prices for a few percent and were wondering why we did it? We wish we didn’t have to – and we’d like to explain.

Organic cotton and doing things the ethical way comes with a price.

We never, ever take shortcuts when the quality of our materials or the well-being of our production workers is in question. The highest quality standards and transparent, ethical production sites we can visit every day are essential to what we do – they make Mila.Vert what it is.

On a global scale, the demand for organic cotton is skyrocketing. We’re excited about that, as it only means that people are looking for more sustainable options when shopping and are well aware of the benefits of organic cotton. Last year gave us a record harvest, but there still wasn’t enough and the prices of organic cotton went up globally.

Covid resulted in higher costs too.

Combined with increased prices of cotton comes the rise in transportation costs. Due to the global pandemic and all the necessary measurements that ensure workers work in safe conditions, the prices naturally went up as well.

Fair prices, fair working conditions, fair payments.

When we were calculating the production prices of our products, we were noticing our costs have gone up. We tried to adapt and cut the costs elsewhere, but couldn’t do it in a way that would maintain our high level of quality and ensure everyone involved a fair payment. We took the decision to raise our prices for a few percent not for ourselves, not for our profit, but to cover our costs like we used to.

We thank you for your understanding and continuous support – and for believing in a fairer fashion industry with us.

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