Behind the Brand: How We Make Our Organic Cotton Knitwear

Behind the Brand: How We Make Our Organic Cotton Knitwear

A Local On-Demand Production for a Truly Sustainable Result

Our knitwear may look minimalist and simple, but there’s true science behind it. A look behind the scenes of our production site tells a story full of passion and utmost attention to detail to bring you premium knitted pieces we all love so much.

Our small-scale production is certainly not the least complicated and the fastest, but we believe this is the most sensible way of preventing unwanted and unnecessary stock being left behind. With our sustainability goals in mind, we make sure each garment is only produced after an order has been placed. This way, precious resources are preserved and the highest level of production quality is maintained, making each product worth the wait.

After you place an order with us, here’s what happens.

  • Our team at the studio accepts your order and forwards it to our production partners, the family-owned knitting studio we have been working with for years, ever since the beginning of Mila.Vert. If you place a pre-order, we wait for a few days to collect all pre-orders.
  • The knitwear production team receives an order from us and checks the amount of knitted fabrics they have. If there is enough to make a knitted item that was ordered, it is made straightaway, otherwise the fabric is made anew from scratch.

  • When producing organic cotton items, the knitting machine is first prepared for production. All the necessary instructions, such as exact product measurements and production details, are entered into a knitting computer programme, which operates the machine.
  • The machine is set for production of the specific chosen product manually and the knitting needles are adjusted according to the product’s width.

  • Our organic cotton yarn is first spun into smaller reels and the resulting bobbins are placed onto the knitting machine. The ends of strings are threaded, and the needles are checked again if all systems are faultless.
  • The organic cotton knitted fabric is produced. After that, the knitwear is washed with natural detergents and dried with specialised air dryers in order to shrink the knits to the final desired size. This way we ensure the knitwear doesn’t shrink significantly when you wash it at home.
  • To set the knitted knots and prevent them from falling apart, the knitwear undergoes an ironing process.
  • The product is cut and tailored from the knitted fabric according to each specific design. The knitted parts are assembled and sewn together with a chain knitting machine, which closes each individual loop and knot.
  • The collar and cuffs are knitted separately using a collar knitting machine and assembled with the rest of the knitted parts. Then the final knitted piece is ironed for the last time and its Mila.Vert label is sewn onto it.

  • Once the order is finished, our team is notified, the product is packed into reusable fabric bags or paper boxes to make its way to our studio about 25 kilometres away from the production site.
  • The product is then checked thoroughly by our studio team, equipped with a product label and the necessary paperwork, and packed. Finally, it is ready to be shipped your way.

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