Behind the Brand: Why We Only Make Organic Cotton Knits

Behind the Brand: Why We Only Make Organic Cotton Knits

Carrying our values: ethically made and 100% cruelty free

From the first Mila.Vert collections onwards, our premium knitwear is at the heart of our brand. Made locally in collaboration with a knitting studio with almost a century of tradition, our entire knitwear range is made exclusively from 100% organic cotton.



We asked Mila.Vert’s founder, Tina Logar Bauchmüller, why she decided to only include vegan knitwear in our collections. Here’s what she says:

“Ever since I established Mila.Vert, I knew minimising the negative impacts of fashion was going to be my main goal. Because I’m truly passionate about what I do, I’ve always wanted my work to do good and be ethical in every sense of the word. When I designed the first Mila.Vert knitwear pieces, I intentionally avoided virgin wool, merino, mohair and all other varieties because of the risks that come with them. I’ve heard so many dreadful stories of animal abuse in the wool industry – even when wool comes from organic farms, there have inevitably been cases of exploitation and maltreatment. On the contrary, organic cotton is friendly both towards animals and the planet. It automatically avoids all the negative impacts of wool and has a much lower carbon footprint, too.”

We are proud that our vegan knitwear is cruelty-free and PETA-approved. Organic cotton is a versatile material that’s soft and breathable, making it ideal to wear year-round. It’s also skin-friendly since it doesn’t itch and irritate, and there are no harmful chemicals used in its manufacturing and our knitwear production. Clothing care is easy with organic cotton knits, too. Their surface doesn’t pill and bobble, and they require no special washing and drying treatment. Due to the high quality and timeless designs, our vegan knitwear is long-lasting and will become a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

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