Discover Our Team's Go-To Pieces for Summer

Discover Our Team's Go-To Pieces for Summer

If we’ve learnt anything from this summer, it’s a lesson in expecting the unexpected. Adapting to the whimsy weather, which goes from unbearable heat in one moment to a hailstorm in the next, is more than necessary, but it also calls for some additional outfit options.

We’ve seen our team rotate a number of their favourite versatile summer pieces around the clock, so we asked them to share them with the world – and here they are.

Tina in our Frilled sleeveless dress

Tina is starting off with a summer staple in timeless white shade. Our frilled sleeveless dress is perfect both for the office, a cocktail party or an evening dinner date. It’s up to you to decide whether to dress it up or down – it will surely draw the attention to you in any setting.

Bernarda in our Short-sleeved top

Bernarda dressed for the moody weather: our short-sleeved top goes well both shorts and long trousers, meaning you can create outfits with it that will withstand any climate condition. We’re especially fond of the relaxed, yet structured silhouette of this particular outfit, which adds a chic feel to the overall look.

Barbara in our Tencel long shirt dress

Barbara went for the Tencel long shirt dress in olive green. The olive-green colour complements dark hair especially well and looks even more vibrant with a bit of a summer tan, while Tencel™ guarantees you lightness and comfort even in higher temperatures.

Blanka in our Knitted triangle pullover

If anyone’s ready for a chilly breeze, it’s Blanka. Her must-have summer pieces include our knitted triangle sweater – and for a wise reason. As soon as the clouds cover the sun and a storm comes raging, the temperatures drop drastically, and keeping our pullover in her day-to-day bag ensures Blanka’s outfit choices can transform to snug and cosy looks immediately.


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