International Women’s Day: From Women for Women

International Women’s Day: From Women for Women

Happy International Women's Day!

To all of you, the incredible women who inspire us,

On this special occasion, we want to express our deepest gratitude for your constant support on our sustainable fashion journey. We celebrate not only our all-women ethical fashion brand, but first and foremost the remarkable strength, resilience and grace that define womanhood.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for shaping the future of sustainability with us. With your encouragement, we are redefining fashion for the better.

With love and appreciation,

The Mila.Vert team

Female-Founded and Female-Owned

Established in 2015 by Tina Logar Bauchmüller, Mila.Vert represents a journey of empowerment and reinvention. After welcoming her second daughter, Tina found the courage to transition from a stable job in IT to pursue her lifelong passion for fashion design. Today, as the CEO, Tina infuses every aspect of Mila.Vert with her dedication and vision, putting her heart into everything the brand ventures into.

From the very beginning, Mila.Vert has been a reflection of Tina’s core values. With our production based in Slovenia, EU, the brand prioritises local partnerships with two small sewing companies and a family-owned knitting studio. This commitment ensures transparency, upholds human rights and meets the highest environmental standards set by Slovenian and EU legislation. These partnerships have evolved into meaningful friendships, enriching every interaction with warmth and collaboration.

An Empowered Team of Women

As Mila.Vert grew, so did its team, but one thing never changed – our all-women team. Our brand embodies a deep and intimate understanding of both our mission and our audience. Each team member brings a unique skill set to the table, but the best results always come from us working together to overcome obstacles, achieve our goals and keep bringing sustainable fashion to a global audience.


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