Mila.Vert Styling Tips: How to Style Our Best-Selling Knitted Dress

Mila.Vert Styling Tips: How to Style Our Best-Selling Knitted Dress

Some dresses are forever – and our iconic knitted boat neck dress is one of them.

The timeless design combined with the exceptional softness of organic cotton knitwear is the secret of this confidence-boosting dress. Loved far and wide for its luxuriously soft feel, the knitted dress gives you plenty of styling options. Discover our favourites below.


Besides the obvious choice of wearing the dress on its own, it is also easily layered with the classic knitted relief button-down cardigan. Thanks to the subtle chicness of both pieces, they go together perfectly and are especially suitable for daily wear.


When combined with our knitted relief long cardigan, the knitted boat neck dress takes on a regal look. Emitting an unmistakable sense of elegance, the elevated combination fits every special occasion well, especially when adorned with accessories such as sunglasses and handbags.


If you’re aiming for a more of a casual look, a simple shirt is your friend. Radiating an air of casualness but keeping it beautifully composed, this outfit is just perfect for laid-back days spent relaxing in your favourite setting.


Similarly to the long cardigan, our knitted cardigan coat instantly elevates the dress as well. Paired with simple yet effective accessories, such as a belt, this simple outfit is effectively outstanding.


Discover our knitted boat neck dress online.

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