The Sustainable Bridal Gown You Can Wear Forever

The Sustainable Bridal Gown You Can Wear Forever

Meet Our Tencel Sateen Front Detail Slip Dress

Special occasions ask for special outfits – and there’s nothing more exceptional than a wedding. Always keeping sustainability in mind, we designed a dress that will make the perfect sustainable wedding dress for your special day, but also keep you company for years to come.


Timeless elegance and versatility are written at the core of our tencel sateen front detail slip dress. With its pure white colour and a minimalist design, the dress fits perfectly into a wedding setting, enabling you to shine bright all the way through your day.

Thanks to its smart design features, the slip dress will accompany you even after the ceremony. It’s easy to style either for a summer cocktail party or a friends’ gathering – or even for effortlessly transitioning between one and the other. The lightness and silkiness of tencel sateen feel right at home in a warmer climate, too, making the dress your perfect travel companion to a resort or to the beach.

Find our tencel sateen front detail slip dress in our online shop now.

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