A Summer Escape: Mila.Vert x Marina Forgeron

A Summer Escape: Mila.Vert x Marina Forgeron

It’s Time for a Summer Getaway

Dreaming of faraway places, switching off and recharging. Highlights from our new summer collection travelled with Marina Forgeron, a Ukrainian creative director, model and mother, to embody the spirit of a summer escape.

Marina is based in Europe, but her work takes her to different locations all around the world, from Santorini to Bali. She is the founder of Forgerons Production, a Milan-based visual production and management agency, offering brands editorial and advertising photoshoots at locations worldwide.

Our editorial captures the essence of summer with warm sandy hues, natural materials and refreshing blue shades. Our short-sleeved top in white once again proved it’s the perfect neutral basic you can combine with different bottoms for different looks. The striking tencel sateen sarong and tencel sateen slip dress are the true stars of the editorial – their celestial powder blue shade simply shines in any setting.

Discover the editorial below.

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