Ahead of Black Friday for a Greener Future – Sample Sale Discounts

Ahead of Black Friday for a Greener Future – Sample Sale Discounts

To clarify, we’re not doing Black Friday discounts. We never have, we never will.

Why is that so?

The reason is simple – we have no new inventory we could discount. Black Friday has become a synonym for massive discounts stores put on their products to get rid of unwanted stock ahead of holiday season shopping. This simple marketing solution outlines only the tip of the iceberg – the main problem global fashion faces is overproduction.

Our business model is the exact opposite. As a sustainable brand, we follow a made-to-order principle, producing your orders on demand. Your new garments are only produced after you place an order with us, which saves precious material and energy resources, and means goods are sent off your way immediately. No stock for us, no unnecessary production for the planet – it’s a win-win situation.

Sample sale discounts – up to 40% off discontinued items

Now, we do, however, make samples, some items are returned, and some products are discontinued, resulting in a limited number of garments sitting on our closet shelves. These are all in pristine shape, they just haven’t found the right match yet. We decided our sample sale needs to go – it’s not at all sustainable to keep it month after month when it could be loved by you.

To find these perfectly wearable items a new home, enable you to shop our products at discounted prices and promote our sustainable business model ahead of the giving season, we are happy to offer up to 40% discount on our discontinued sale items.


Here’s to keeping Black Friday as ethical as we can – and giving you an opportunity to find something sustainable for less to enjoy for seasons to come.

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