Behind the Brand: Our Team's Favourite Knitted Pieces

Behind the Brand: Our Team's Favourite Knitted Pieces

A Curated Selection of Our Team’s Favourite Knitwear

Organic cotton knitwear is made to be worn year-round, so its season doesn’t end with winter. We asked our team to show us what they wear through the transition from winter to spring and they got to us with a variety of styles for all your needs.

Discover their selected favourites below.

Tina and Bernarda

For the days that still feel chilly or are spent sitting at a desk in an office, Tina, the founder and CEO of Mila.Vert, and Bernarda swear by their knitted honeycomb pullovers.



Warmer days are becoming increasingly more common, that’s why Barbara reached for her sun-inducing knitted piece. The long-sleeved round neck dress is already having its moment – and there’s even more to come when spring comes around in all its warmth.

The knitted honeycomb pullover and long-sleeved round neck dress are not only chic-looking – they are also warm, but not stuffy, thanks to breathable organic cotton.

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