Celebrating Fair Trade Month

Celebrating Fair Trade Month

October is Fair Trade Month – a month of activities, campaigns, companies and individuals raising awareness of the importance of what fair trade stands for. For us at Mila.Vert, fair trade is one of the core principles of our brand and something we always strive for.

What does fair trade mean for us?

Fair trade is driven by shoppers and goes all the way down the chain to the other end, to raw material producers. It does not only mean a fair payment – it also means health standards, safety measurements and overall transparency both within our brand and with our producers.

How do we do it?

Just like you, at Mila.Vert, we ask questions – our producers and manufacturers have been carefully selected to comply with our quality standards. The welfare, safety and fair payments of our producers’ workers are regulated by national and EU laws, while the high quality of the organic materials we use is guaranteed by certificates such as GOTS and IVN Best. Thanks to the entire production being located in the vicinity of our studio in Slovenia, EU, our team regularly visits the production sites to make sure everything runs smoothly and according to our core ethical principles.

Discover more about who we work with here.

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