Mila.Vert Women’s Day Special – There’s Power in Kindness

Mila.Vert Women’s Day Special – There’s Power in Kindness

Let’s celebrate the power within

Change is difficult, complicated, messy, challenging. It’s also liberating, fulfilling, enriching, worthwhile. And we need it now more than ever. 

It takes immense strength and a great deal of courage to change – yourself, your values, your environment, your job – but what comes out as the result is worth every single bit of effort. 

Tina Mila.Vert sustainable fashion

Four years ago, Mila.Vert started after a mother of two quit her job and pursued the dream of becoming a fashion designer. Today, there’s a team of four women and dozens of partners slowly but surely making fashion fairer, more sustainable, more responsible and, above all, kinder. Consequently, it’s the world that is becoming all of thattoo. 

It sometimes seems that only impressive grand gestures are effective and influential when it comes to creating an impactAt Mila.Vert, we disagree with that. An eager sense of awareness, global interconnectedness and, most of all, responsibility are essential. With that in mind, no contribution is too small and no effort is too little to make a positive change. 

This is why Mila.Vert celebrates women. We celebrate our strength, passion and perseverancenot with the goal of overpowering, but rather empowering

The key is to encourage, improve, nurture, and first and foremost to never forget our inner power and the ability to change for the better – not only ourselves, but the world around us as well.


Free gift on all orders

To treat all of you supporting a women-run, fair fashion business, we are adding a free gift – our limited edition Zipper Bag made from recycled polyester – to each order. Through the recycling process, thbags’ material, too, underwent a change. From a piece of plastic wastea new faux suede creation was made, thus truly embodying the message of our Women’s Day celebration.

Mila.Vert free  gift - limited edition

The offer is valid from today, 
6th March 2020until Sunday, 15th March 2020.

To receive a Zipper bag of a particular colour, select it and add it to the cart. The discount will be automatically applied as you add at least one more product to the cart.

Pick your limited edition Zipper bag

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