Celebrating World Environment Day with a Free Gift with Every Order

Celebrating World Environment Day with a Free Gift with Every Order

Every year on 5th June, World Environment Day is celebrated. Hosted by Pakistan, World Environment Day this time focuses on ecosystems, their importance, and ways to protect and revive them. From exploiting nature, the event calls for governments, businesses and individuals everywhere to turn to preventing ecosystem and biodiversity loss, and halting and reversing the damage done. Learn more here

The fashion industry, which is one of the largest industries on the planet, is involved in degrading ecosystems as one of the biggest polluters – but we are actively changing that and proving fashion can be done differently and responsibly.

As members of our sustainable fashion community, you play a crucial role in directly supporting our ethical brand, spreading the awareness and changing the system of fashion for the better garment by garment – and we’d like to thank you for that.

Free gift with every order

To join the celebration of this year’s World Environment Day and to go with the theme #GenerationRestoration, we are adding a free gift, a Mila.Vert key pouch, to every order.


Our multi-purpose key pouch can be used for an infinite number of different uses and is made from repurposed leftover faux suede. It may be tiny, but it’s oh-so-useful: just large enough to store all your bits and bobs, coins or cards, keys, tokens, hairbands, a lip balm or anything else you might need daily.

Please note: the number of gifts is limited, the offer is valid while stocks last. 

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