Discover Tencel Fabrics - sustainable and produced locally

Discover Tencel Fabrics - sustainable and produced locally

You probably noticed tencel is one of our go-to fabrics and may have been wondering what’s so special about it. There’s a good reason we find ourselves reaching for it time and time again – it’s sustainable, produced locally in the EU, and feels like nothing else.

Why Tencel?

Produced in a closed-loop system in Austria, EU, tencel is one of the most sustainable naturally-sourced materials. It is produced from wood pulp, which comes from sustainably managed forests just next to Slovenia. This lowers the negative impact of transportation and allows us to use a renewable natural material that is sourced responsibly.

Besides that, tencel satin looks and feels as shiny and smooth as silk and drapes the wearer gracefully. It feels comfortable to wear on the skin and has a cooling effect. There is a subtle pearly lustre to the fabric that makes it stunningly elegant and always eye-catching.

Limited Edition Floral Print Wrap Dress

Tencel satin was also used in our new collaboration with the Slovenian artist Vita Ivičič. Vita designed the floral print made with early summer roses from her family garden, and the tencel fabric was printed locally in Slovenia.

Discover our new arrival online now.

Styled by you

Our tencel wrap dress and tencel kimono in dark blue, styled by Katka (@katkatmar) and Katja (@katja.pavlovic).

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