Donating fabric for face masks

Donating fabric for face masks

As Slovenia faces a lockdown, public life has slowed down and the majority of the population retrieved to their homes. However, there are still countless individuals whose job duties don't allow them to work from home. There are shop keepers, cashiers, delivery service employees, public servants, people working with deprivileged groups, and so many others, who risk their own safety and the safety of their families every day to enable the lives of others to continue as undisturbed as possible.

In general, there is a considerable lack of safety equipment, especially face masks, on a national level, so civil defence organisations in every Slovenian municipality are doing their best to provide masks for the people in need.

In order to help as best as we can at this moment, we donated our organic cotton denim fabric from which our sewing partner, Liniatex, and their seamstresses are going to make double layered face masks. These cotton fabric masks are going to be washable and thus reusable.

Mila.vert donates organic cotton fabric for face masks during COV-19

 We are fully aware that no mask can offer 100% protection against COVID-19. Fabric face masks, when used correctly, help curb the spread of the infection – by using them, we protect both ourselves as well as everyone else around us, especially the risk groups.

It is both deeply touching and humbling to see a piece of organic cotton denim fabric we all loved so much in our previous SS19 collection get a new life as something completely different – a face mask that will, hopefully, save lives.

Mila.Vert is donating fabric for face mask

At this moment, helping where we can with what we can is the only thing we can do. We can only get through this together.

Stay home, stay safe.



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