Exploring New Sustainable Fabrics at Munich Fabric Start

Exploring New Sustainable Fabrics at Munich Fabric Start

Tina, the founder of Mila.Vert, has spent the past days in Munich at Munich Fabric Start, one of the leading textile trade shows in Europe.

We’re so happy fairs are back! It’s so good to be at the place where all of our collections begin, scouting for new sustainable fabrics, talking to fabric producers and exploring new technologies and textile innovations in the field of sustainability.

Our designs are always inspired by fabrics, not vice versa. Starting from the materials we use and seeing what works best with them, we can slowly and thoughtfully create timeless, minimalist designs that bring out the most from the fabrics we use.

Thanks to Munich Fabric Start for taking the lead and organising the fair, for making us feel so welcome and safe at the same time by following the prescribed guidelines. It’s good to see the fashion industry coming back to life and for sustainability for slowly but surely making it into the spotlight.

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