Fair Fashion Solidarity

Fair Fashion Solidarity

Fair fashion creators stand united - #WeAreInThisTogether.

At Mila.Vert, we believe that fair fashion deserves fair prices. Out of respect towards the environment and all the people involved in the production, using ecological fabrics of the highest quality available and paying fair wages to our employees and our partners has always been an integral part of our sustainability policy. Our Slovenia-based, local production enables us to realise every order individually after it has been placed. For that reason, we generally have no stock that could be sold at a lower price.

We will therefore generally not be offering discount on our products; we do, however, appreciate every single one of our supporters. To express our gratitude in this difficult time, we are happy to offer a free gift, our faux suede Zipper bag made from recycled polyester, with each order. The values that we have been standing for since the beginning are not going to change.

Fair Fashion Movement - local production Mila.Vert

Recently, Mila.Vert is proud to have joined a growing list of supporters of Fair Fashion Solidarity, a brand-new movement in response to the situation caused by COVID-19 epidemic.

Why Fair Fashion Solidarity?

The movement connects fashion brands, sustainable clothing shops, bloggers and other supporters of sustainable fashion. Since most countries are facing a lockdown, clothing shops were the first to close their doors. We could then see massive online sales from brands worldwide, who are still trying to sell their stock since shops are closed and retail orders were cancelled.

On the contrary, the Fair Fashion Solidarity movement goes against practices that devalue or neglect natural resources, work hours and funds invested in the production of ethical clothing, and calls for continuous support of the fair-trade concept. You can read more about the Fair Fashion Solidarity on their website and Instagram page.

Fair Fashion solidarity

Let the situation the world is in right now be a moment to reflect upon our consumer habits. Who is it that we stand with? Let’s keep supporting local sustainable brands with their ethical practices – both the environment and the society will benefit from that in the long run.

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