Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week

Mila.Vert loves fashion.

We love its ability to express ourselves, to be creative, to uplift and inspire others through what we do. Why does the fashion industry need a revolution then?

This year between 20th and 26th April, we again join our fellow campaigners to stress the importance of changing the way we think and talk about fashion. Fashion needs to be done responsibly – both to all the people involved in its production and to the planet we live on.


The Problem with Conventional Fashion

Every year around 24th April, the world remembers the collapse of Rana Plaza, a Bangladesh garment factory. In the accident, over 1,100 people died and 2,500 were injured, making this the 4th largest industrial disaster in modern history.

Overall, the fashion industry employs as many as 300 million workers worldwide and is one of the major polluting industries in the world. Emerging and developing countries are especially vulnerable to degradation since the majority of the world’s conventional fashion is produced there. Their workers often lack social protection, rights at work, decent working conditions and being paid a living wage.

Both the workers and the environment are exposed to harmful effects as the result of poor regulations of dangerous chemicals, damaging practices and a lack of waste directives throughout the supply chain.


How is Mila.Vert changing this?

Mila.Vert stands at the frontline of those creating the change. We do things the unconventional way – with ecological fabrics, a locally-based production in Slovenia, EU and a transparent supply chain. We could never do it without our dearest partners who share our values and with whom we’ve formed lasting friendships along the way.


Our partners, our friends


Saša and Dušan are the founders of Liniatex, the sewing company that produces the majority of our garments. Based only a half an hour’s drive away from Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city, visiting them regularly has become a habit for us. There is no bigger joy than seeing the upcoming collection come to life under the hands of their skilled seamstresses.




Andreja, working under the name Krona, has been a professional in the field of accessories since 1987. She works from her studio in Domžale, a town on the outskirts of Ljubljana, and mainly focuses on leather goods. Andreja produces all of our faux-suede accessories and is always there to perfectly realise our design ideas and cheer us up with her joyous personality.


eSPe sewing

Marlena, the founder of eSPe sewing company, is responsible for the production of our shirts, blouses and shirt dresses. Marlena herself does the grading and tailoring and her seamstress Nina sews the pieces together. Since they are based in Ljubljana, we regularly visit them and are able to respond immediately if ever any questions arise. With Marlena’s keen eye for detail, all of the products we entrust in their care are always brilliantly executed.



Mateja, Darja and Mija are the founders of their family-owned company Jakopina, which is based at their home in Cerklje na Gorenjskem. This is yet another location close to our studio that enables us to pop in and design our organic cotton knitwear products together. Not to mention the gorgeous surroundings of Slovenian countryside, we always love to visit them for their skilled tradition that has been going on for over 90 years.


Why Fair Fashion Matters

To say we work with professionals in their field is not enough. The biggest benefit is that we personally know them and know for a fact that their workers are paid a fair living wage, do their job in optimal working conditions and that no exploitations or violations of any kind are present. This is what a transparent local production enables us – not only are we great business partners but friends as well.

We know many workers in the fashion industry are not as lucky. With raising awareness about what Fashion Revolution stands against, demanding change and supporting sustainable brands, we are one step closer to creating a fairer fashion industry for all.

As Fashion Revolution’s manifesto says in declaration #10:

Fashion lives to express, delight, reflect, protest, comfort, commiserate and share. Fashion never subjugates, denigrates, degrades, marginalises or compromises. Fashion celebrates life.


Read more about our core commitments regarding sustainability and ethics and discover our new collection online now.

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