International Women's Day: Celebrating Our All-Women Ethical Brand

International Women's Day: Celebrating Our All-Women Ethical Brand

A Female-Founded and Female-Owned Brand

Mila.Vert was founded in 2015 by Tina Logar Bauchmüller, who mustered the courage and changed her career after the birth of her second daughter. It was as if taking on a new role of a mother empowered Tina to leave a stable job in IT and give a go to the role of a fashion designer she had always wished to try. After many years leading and growing the brand, Tina is still the CEO of Mila.Vert, putting her heart into everything the brand ventures into.

From the very beginning, Mila.Vert has been aligned with Tina’s personal values. Mila.Vert’s production is based in Slovenia, EU, where the brand originates. Working locally with two small sewing companies and a family-owned knitting studio, our brand can maintain our high level of transparency as well as keep our human and environmental welfare standards in check. All of these are additionally safeguarded by rigorous Slovenian and EU legislation. Our partners have become our friends, too, and every visit to them is a joyful event.


An All-Women Team

Slowly but surely, Mila.Vert as a brand grew together with its team. At the moment, there are five women working along the founder with additional female team members joining in occasionally. The fact that there are only women for the brand brings in an intimately personal understanding of what, why and for whom they want to create fashion. The diverse team members each have their assigned roles and responsibilities according to that they’re best at – but the best results always come from them working together to overcome obstacles, achieve their goals and keep bringing sustainable fashion to a global audience.


Thank you for sticking with us and supporting what we do – it means the world.

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