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No. 2 / Life of Mila.Vert clothes: A Sustainable Production is a Kind Production

The previous blog post focuses on our chosen organic fabrics, which are the basis we work with. Today, we will centre on the actual clothing production.

Certified organic fabrics - the basis of everything we make..

The basis of everything we make are certified organic fabrics.

The vast majority of the family-owned companies we work with have been around long enough to prove that they are experts at what they do. However, that’s not the only criteria based on which we choose our partners. The company has to check the most important item on our checklist – it has to share our values of being socially responsible.


Who made your clothes

One of the sewing companies we work with is Liniatex. The Slovenian company owned and ran by Saša and Dušan Rovanšek has been around for more than 25 years.

Why fairtrade? Our business partners are not just our collaborators; they’re our valued friends.


It all started in 1991 when Dušan founded the textile company Liniatex to produce protective work clothing. After Rašica, another Slovenian textile company, closed down one of its factories in 2000, Saša took over the facility and kept the production of knitwear running. Eight years later, in 2008, Saša’s and Dušan’s companies merged. Liniatex remains focused on fashion collections and workwear – and they excel at both. Today they receive orders from all over Europe, mostly from Germany and the UK. Among many others, they produced knits for Phannatiq and Alexander Wang.

Fair trade should be a norm

The people we work with are not just our collaborators; they have become our friends and the ones who make our designs come to life. Saša works with Tina, the founder of Mila.Vert, on all the prototypes. She’s the one who makes the sewing patterns, the grading and the tailoring, before she turns the pieces over to Mirjam, who sews them together.

Support local enterprises: small distances, close relationships, great quality

Small distances, great quality

Luckily for us, Slovenia is a small country, which makes it possible to maintain close relationships with the people we work with. Staying in touch through every step of the production makes it easier to bring you thoughtful designs and timeless Mila.Vert pieces made by the highest aesthetics and quality standards.

Even though organic fabrics may seem delicate and sensitive, they are far from that in reality. Coming up next on our blog, clothing care will be discussed including everything from natural laundry detergents and washing to air-drying and ironing, so stay tuned for more.


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esponsible should be a norm for all companies.

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