Meet the team behind the SS21 photoshooting

Meet the team behind the SS21 photoshooting

There's never a dull moment on set with such a brilliant bunch of people.

In the height of summer, we gathered a group of talented individuals to create the visual materials of our upcoming Spring/Summer 2021. The shoot was long, fun and productive, as it's always the case with our talented team.

The shoot took place in Tobačna, the huge building in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which also hosts our Mila.Vert studio. Once a tobacco factory, it now serves as the working place for many Slovenian creatives and companies. 

Meet them below and enjoy some behind the scene outtakes. 

Robert Ribič is a free-lancing photographer we've been working with for quite some time now. He specialises in fashion and lifestyle editorials. His many years of experience show especially in the fact that he manages to capture just the right moments that represent our clothing in the best light every single time. 


Anja Sečnik, another dear collaborator of ours, is a successful art director and the creative mind behind Equa and Goat Story brands. With her relentless inventiveness, she is the one creating the story behind each collection – and succeeding every time.


Maja Fučak is a Slovenian model and small business owner. She was shot to fame a decade ago as the winner of Slovenian Top Model and has been a modelling successfully all around the world ever since. She is the founder and the creator of, an online boutique with home decor and office stationery, with a focus on Slovenian designers.


Of course then there's Tina, Mila.Vert’s founder, designer and the eagle-eyed overlooker taking care of all the loose threads and wrinkles. She envisioned the collection as an array of classic shapes and comfortable fabrics to help us navigate through the upcoming spring and summer effortlessly and in timeless style.

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