Mila.Vert Muses of December 2022

Mila.Vert Muses of December 2022


December has been a rollercoaster, but with the year ending and the everyday business coming to a halt, we hope you managed to fit some festive and calm days in between. Especially on days off, we look for reliable outfits that will perform in all social settings, giving us a peace of mind all day round.

Versatility is one of the key benefits of our designs and we’re delighted to see our minimalist fashion is enjoyed by everyone. Our pieces are unisex and are made to be matched and shared no matter your gender.

We believe there is nothing better than a comfortable knitted pullover at this time of the year – and our Muses of past December shared our love of cosy knits. Meet them below.



“This jumper is incredible and surprisingly durable. I have been wearing it to the brim and after several washes, it is still intact and as beautiful as ever. The cotton is nice on the skin and the color is perfect for my complexion. Well done Mila.Vert.”

Tom is a professor of philosophy currently working in Berlin, who enjoys spending time outdoors and forgetting about time whilst reading a good book. The uncertainty of the future of our planet worries him, so he tries to make conscious choices day by day to live as sustainably as possible. Tom is wearing our knitted triangle pullover in sand colour.


Fabio (@fabio__montedoro) is an Italian digital creator based in Germany (and soon in Paris). His simple and timeless stylings are absolutely stunning, and we have no doubt minimalism will stand the test of time. Though sophisticated design- and material-wise, straight-forward black and white outfits are his specialty – but always with a hint of glamour. Fabio is wearing our knitted two-tone pullover.

Carlota and Borja

“We love the elegant and minimalistic designs of Mila Vert, and your ethical and sustainable production. It's always a great pleasure to find timeless garments that fit effortlessly, and that we can wear throughout the years. But most importantly, we hope that brands like yours continue to change the face of fashion into something more sustainable and humane. Can't wait to see more of what you create!”

Carlota and Borja (@carlotandborja) are filmmakers and photographers from Spain, who specialise in sustainable fashion. They previously worked in human rights non-profits in London and were always involved in sustainability and civil rights before venturing into the creative sector to create content for brands championing sustainability. As they say themselves, it was their love of art, design, sustainability and fashion that they pursued when they started sharing their work online – and the rest is history. Carlota and Borja are wearing matching knitted triangle pullovers in cream shade.

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