Mila.Vert Muses of February 2021

Mila.Vert Muses of February 2021


What has February taught you? Besides bringing a face mask with us everywhere, we’ve also relied heavily on umbrellas and warm layers. The changing of the season comes with obligatory rain showers and water-repellent coats are a must these days. Our very own two coats are sure to keep you warm and dry, which is once again confirmed by one of our Muses of February. Read more about them below.


"This pullover was love at first sight for me! The unique design and monochrome combination have made this piece to be one of the staples in my wardrobe. I always gravitate towards wearing it as it pairs nicely with just about everything."

Katka (@katkatmar) is a Slovenia-based model and an English teacher. The newest eagerly-anticipated member of the Mila.Vert team is responsible for customer service and influencer partnerships, which pose no problem to her impeccable knowledge of English and a gorgeously bouncy personality – and being comfortable in front of the camera is just another plus of having her on our team. Katka is wearing our knitted checked pattern pullover in cream-black colour.


“I love these pants! they have the perfect shape, the fabric is super comfortable and the elastic waist line is not too tight which gives in nicely when seated. Depending on the shoes I'm wearing I like to cuff the hem a bit to make the leg shorter - a perfect wardrobe staple! :)”

Nadia (@la_nadia) is a Miami-based Instagrammer and small business owner. We’ve already introduced her in the October’s edition of Mila.Vert Muses last year, where you can read more about her. This time, she gorgeously styled our front detail long trousers in cream shade.



Standing collar coat - sustainable style

"I love this coat! Since receiving it last autumn, I wear it almost every day. It's slightly oversized so I can easily wear chunky jumpers underneath during cold winter times. In December, I wore it in the snowy Alps with many layers and it was perfect! I also live in a very rainy region in France and I can confirm that it is water-resistant! Depending on the weather, I am able to stay warm and/or dry, comfortable yet, chic! I just have a different perception of the colour. I see it is more kakhi-green in real life than brown as I see it on the picture."

Margot (@margot.guilbert) is a French fashion & lifestyle blogger, who also focuses on green beauty and low-waste living. We introduced her to you in the April’s edition of Mila.Vert Muses last year. Together with her partner Julián and their puppy, they live in Bordeaux, where Margot gets plenty opportunities to test the coat’s water-repellent coating, too. Margot is wearing our standing collar water-resistant coat in olive brown colour.



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