Mila.Vert Muses of February 2023

Mila.Vert Muses of February 2023

Integrity. Boldness. Style. Kindness.
Introducing Mila.Vert muses: exceptional people who are an endless source of inspiration to us.

As winter slowly retracts and both the sunshine and rainfalls call for spring, we feel like going with the theme – lighter and brighter. Heavy winter coats are exchanged for light jackets and with the temperatures fluctuating throughout the day, it’s essential that inner layers are as versatile as possible, and our organic cotton knitwear is here to save the day. Made to keep you cosy and warm all day long, the knitted essentials in timeless shades look great both layered and on their own. What is most important, the breathable materials feel luxuriously soft on the skin for a relaxed and comfortable mood no matter the occasion.

Our muses of past February donned head-to-toe knitwear in light cream and sand shades, providing much-needed styling inspiration for the transitional season ahead. Meet our muses below.


“Beautiful dress, great quality. Very warm and very comfortable. Goes with all styles, fall/winter with nice boots, and in spring when it's still a bit cold, with a nice pair of ballerinas. A timeless piece, very chic, and very classy that everyone should have in their wardrobe. A must have!”

Ophélie (@ophelieia) is an architect based in Switzerland, and a huge lover of fashion. Her minimalist yet contemporary stylings with urban backdrops provide styling inspiration time and time again. With her refined taste, Ophélie joins carefully selected pieces into modern and timeless combinations, just like she did with our knitted turtleneck dress in cream shade this time.


“The knitted set is a piece of art, it’s like a caress on your skin, a sweet embrace that allow you to move freely and be completely yourself.”

Matilde (@quietpoem) is a photographer based in Rome. Her stunning photographs, in which she manages to portray the quiet, ethereal essence of places, take our breath away. Matilde’s fashion sense merges classic elegance and sophisticated femininity, inspired by the past and redefined for modernity. She is wearing our set of knitted long trousers and knitted belted tunic.


Mani (@moicestmani) is an Instagram and Pinterest content creator with a special style of regularly posting moodboards with outfit highlights, everyday essentials, current music favourites and seasonal eats, among others. She styled our knitted long-sleeved V-neck dress in sand shade.

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