Mila.Vert Muses of January 2020

Mila.Vert Muses of January 2020

Integrity. Boldness. Style. Kindness.
Introducing Mila.Vert Muses: exceptional women who are an endless source of inspiration to us.


Corinna Mila.Vert Muse


What I really like about Mila Vert is the longevity of the materials and the classic look. The pieces can easily be combined with all kinds of outfits and worn to many occasions.

Corinna (@kissenundkarma) is a German fair fashion blogger and the founder of her own lingerie brand Coco Malou. She loves combining vintage pieces with minimal, clean-style fair-fashion pieces. Corina is wearing our Knitted "rice cubes" pullover.


Aglaja Brix Mila.Vert Muses

Wearing one of my fav knit brands Mila.Vert: there are so much different pullovers and clothes made of warm and cozy materials, which cause no harming. 👋 


Aglaja (@aglaja_brix) is an animal rights activist and fashion photographer, and a fashion director & photographer at Vegan Good Life magazine. Always speaking up for the voiceless, she keeps inspiring us with her honesty and bravery. Aglaja is wearing Knitted aran pullover with high neck.


Justine kept calm and went vegan Mila.Vert Muse

I totally love the Mila.Vert knitwear. It’s not easy to find high quality, thick knitted vegan pullovers, cardigans and scarfs. Mila.Vert was one of the first sustainable labels I knew and it’s still one of my favourites.

Justine (@justinekeptcalmandwentvegan) is a plant-lover and fair fashionista based in Vienna, Austria. On her blog Justine kept calm and went vegan, she writes about sustainability, veganism and conscious living. Justine is wearing Knitted "rice cubes" dress.


Sonja Mila.Vert Muse

My passion for minimalism and sustainable style is what made me fell in love with Mila.Vert brand! I really adore their philosophy and way of taking care of our planet with their timeless clothing. "Ethically is the only way to make fashion" and I couldn’t agree more! Love Mila.Vert so much. <3

Sonya (
@sonyavoh) is a fashion blogger from Spain who inspires us with her elegant and minimal photography. She's been a blogger and content creator for more than a decade through which she developed an elegantly refined personal style. Sonya is wearing Wide-rib high neck top.

Stay tuned for more.

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