Mila.Vert Muses of July 2021

Mila.Vert Muses of July 2021



How has July been treating you? At the height of summer, with soaring temperatures and long, warm evenings, we hope you’ve been able to take some well deserved time off - or at least steal a few hours just for yourself now and then. Once again, our team is realising how important two things are: maintaining meaningful connections and taking the time to rest.

With the majority of the Mila.Vert team mainly working remotely in the past year, July has finally allowed team members to meet in person at our studio - to say we were delighted to see each other again would be an understatement. Our team grew, too - you can meet Katja, our newest team member, among our July muses below.

And rest? Some members of the team have been on holiday breaks already, some are there now, some are going away later - this has us thinking about the importance of rest. Whether it’s for a week or just a few hours, putting your phone and computer away and focusing on something that you enjoy doing (or simply doing nothing) works wonders.

Our muses have been enjoying warm summer days in our sustainable pieces too - meet them below.


Bina (@binanoehr) is a German blogger and Instagrammer, whose main passions are ethical fashion, vegan food and natural beauty. She’s also the founder of a sustainable fashion brand called Baìge (@baigethelabel), producing ethically produced drops of cool basics with a twist. We’ve already introduced Bina in the October 2020 edition of Mila.Vert Muses, where you can read more about her work. Bina has gorgeously styled our knitted strap top and A-line skirt in sand colour.


“This is not only the most comfortable dress ever(!), but it's absolutely perfect for many occasions: casual during the day and elegant in the evening. I've been wearing it practically non-stop. The material is super soft and well fabricated. 10/10 recommend.”
Cherie (@cheriebirkner) is a German-American photographer and creative director, and someone we are inspired by time and time again. Having studied fashion design, she later worked as a photographer and creative director. In order to align her career path with her values, Cherie quit the job at a fast fasion company and founded Sustainable Fashion Matterz in 2017. She is now a creative freelancer working as a photographer and content creator, with a focus on sustainability, fashion and human connection. Cherie is wearing our knitted boat neck dress in cream shade.



"I love wearing shirts in general because they are just so easy to style and you always look put together but this one in particular from Mila Vert is most likely becoming my favourite. I love the casual fit and I love the fact that I can also dress it up any day if I need to. I really recommend you this piece if you are looking for a good shirt that will last you forever."

Katja (@katja.pavlovic) is a student of fashion design and an irreplaceable member of our Mila.Vert team. Responsible for placing your orders into production and neatly packing the products to send them your way, Katja has only recently joined our team, but she immediately fit in perfectly. Luckily, she feels comfortable in front of the camera too, so you’ll surely be seeing more of her soon! Katja is wearing our sleeveless top in white, striped shirt in grey-white, and tencel shorts in black colour.


“Front detail long trousers are my new favourite piece to transition into spring. The length is perfect for when I'm not quite ready for shorts, but the light material (100% organic cotton) is so much cooler and comfier than jeans. The elastic band is very forgiving (hello, pandemic weight). I ended up cuffing the hem because #teampetite, but I honestly like how it looks that way. The best thing about these pants is that the company is founded by a woman and they're committed to sustainable and ethical business practices.”

Esther (@estherhfung) is a book and lifestyle blogger based in Virginia. She’s a middle school English teacher, who, as she says herself, is thankful for each sunrise, wants to make the best of every day, and is committed to helping others do the same. Esther’s blog ( and Instagram page are dedicated to healthy productivity, book recommendations, especially women-centered books by authors of color, and strategies for a mentally healthy life – we’ll be taking so many notes from her blog. Esther is wearing (and looking gorgeous in) our front detail long trousers in cream shade.

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