Mila.Vert Muses of June 2022

Mila.Vert Muses of June 2022


June brought all the summer vibes and this month’s muses brought their favourite cream pieces out into the sun. Our bestselling front detail long trousers make an appearance and so do our knitted dresses – all of your favourites all at once! It’s always a pleasure seeing you enjoy our pieces season after season.

If you wonder whether knitted pieces are too hot to wear as the temperatures climb up, let us reassure you they’re not. Thanks to 100% organic cotton, they are breathable, airy and just perfect to be enjoyed all year round.

Meet our muses of June below.


“I think this dress should have every woman in her wardrobe! It’s so elegant and classic at the same time! The material is perfect to wear it in the daytime when it’s 30 degrees outside and even in the evening for the dinner or party!
I fall in love with the knitted boat neck dress 💛”

Nadiia (@nadiia_shnaider) is a Milan-based model and video creator originally from Ukraine. She is a content producer keen on delivering dreamy shots in breath-taking settings – and what she created this time for Mila.Vert is absolutely incredible. Nadia is wearing our knitted boat neck dress in cream colour.


“I was looking so long for THE white trousers that are made from quality material which lasts more than one season (or two). And now that I have them, I am more than happy with my choice. They are not off white, but cream, which makes it so much more carefree to wear them and not worrying about dirtying them up (if you are a clumsy like me). I am so thankful to Mila Vert for custom made service, because I am much above average tall and have quite slim waist so regular fit just would suit me. And especially trousers must fit you like a glove (at the waist)! So they made trousers by my body dimensions and now they are really flattering, complimenting my body and are so comfortable to wear! They have elastic waist which is my favourite part of these pants!
I love how airy these trousers are and are certainly meant to be worn from warm spring days til late autumn. I can wear it down with crop top and sneakers or level it up with cute blouse and elegant shoes. Choices are unlimited because of the great cut and colour. Certainly a piece that makes my wardrobe much richer and unlocks many oportunities to experiment with different styles and outfits. ”

Klavdija (@klavdijaokolis) is a student based in Slovenia and, as she says herself, a lover of beauty and quality – be it in art, food or anything else. As a books, films and music enthusiast, she conducts her own choir, but doesn’t limit her interests to these fields only. Klavdija is also a fashion enthusiast and a huge advocate of sustainability in fashion. Her fashion focus is on incorporating slow and sustainable brands into her consciously composed wardrobe – and we’re delighted to be among them. Klavdija has styled our front detail long trousers in a relaxed summer outfit for a stroll around the very heart of the city centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital.


“A few months ago I've made the decision to start investing in quality pieces and say goodbye to fast fashion, but after taking a closer look into my closet I realized I needed more classic/essential pieces, instead of so many statement ones.
I started my own research and that's when I found Mila.Vert. The brand values spoke to me, as well as the fabric options and overall design of the pieces.
I decided this was going to be my first order - but not my last! This dress is perfect for all seasons - it's not only comfortable but also a perfect fit (thanks to their custom-fit option), and you can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion. It also arrived faster than expected!
Finally, I would just like to personally thank the founder, as I've had to contact the brand's customer service department recently to solve a minor issue, and Tina herself addressed the situation and made sure I was happy with the final decision.”

Inês (@inesyebra) is a digital creator sharing her love of chic places and outfits. She’s an enthusiast of slow fashion and thrifting, taking into consideration nature when creating her outfits, and a lover of skincare and makeup. Her lifestyle is made even more dynamic as she’s the owner of a dog named Oli, a pincher mix, who frequently makes an appearance on her Instagram, too. Inês is looking radiant while wearing our knitted V-neck dress in cream colour.


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