Mila.Vert Muses of May 2023

Mila.Vert Muses of May 2023


With the arrival of summer almost upon us, we recently organised a season-appropriate photoshoot in the city centre of Ljubljana. Brimming with light summer dresses and sun-ready outfits, the stunning model at the photoshoot was Maja Fučak (@majafucak), one of our favourite Slovenian models. This month, she is our muse – and she has been for quite some time now.

If you recognise Maja immediately, you are right – you have surely seen her before in Mila.Vert photos. We’ve been working with her for years now and it’s always lovely to reunite, catch up and have her model our new collections as only she can.

Maja is not only a model, she is also an entrepreneur. With her mother, she runs a fabric store in Koper, the largest Slovenian coastal town, which is how she became inspired to create a story of her own. This is how InBloom was created, an online store for Maja’s own creative ventures, fellow Slovenian designer products and a variety of bits and bobs for the soul.

As a blast from the past, here is one of the first photos we have with her from our SS17 collection in 2017. It feels like the time has gone by in a blink of an eye.

Maja brings an incredibly positive, up-beat energy to every photoshoot – working with her is a treat every time. When we asked her what her favourite piece from our last photoshoot was, she immediately picked our knitted ribbed strap dress. This is what she says:

“The dress is elegant, timeless, incredibly comfortable and easy to style. I can simply throw it on and create a gorgeous outfit in an instant. It’s both simple and sophisticated at the same time.”


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