Mila.Vert Muses of November 2022

Mila.Vert Muses of November 2022


November, the month of rest in the northern hemisphere. Nature calms down and dons a foggy and rainy blanket, allowing us to cosy up inside and take time to reflect on the seasons past and lay down plans for the rest of the year ahead. We appreciate the moodiness, mistiness and mystery of long nights and cherish the short hours of sunlight even more this way. Before the vibrancy of December takes over, November feels like well-deserved repose.

Our Muses of November are joined by our organic cotton knitwear in light shades of cream and sand. Lightness brings clarity and calmness, elevates the mood and instantly feels reassuring. Combined with the soft touch of organic cotton, we truly couldn’t imagine more appropriate stylings for this month.

Meet the Muses of November below.



“I just love the fit of this cardigan. It can be worn with or without a top/shirt underneath, thus being a perfect year-round staple. The quality is amazing and the organic cotton feels really nice on the skin. Definitely a timeless piece that will elevate your capsule wardrobe.”

Manca (@mancazorko) is a photographer and content creator from our homecountry, Slovenia. An aesthete through and through, she has recently joined the team behind Lavivavera (@laviva.vera) and also creates content for Viva’s accessories (@vivasproject) – and the two Slovenian brands Manca works for carry her personal ethics and admiration of slow living, too. As a nature lover with a special fondness of countryside living, Manca grows flowers and vegetables in her little garden, and makes seasonal bouquets and flower arrangements from wildflowers and foraged branches she collects on her walks. Our love of her work never ceases – and we can only wish for our paths crossing more often. Manca is wearing our knitted relief button-down cardigan in cream shade.


Sibel (@sibelicious) is a sustainable fashion advocate and content creator living between Germany and Greece. She believes in asking more questions to bring brands to display more transparency and take on responsibility, consuming less and as much second hand as possible. Her stylings blend elegance and casual style into elevated modern everyday looks we take inspiration from time and time again. Sibel is wearing our knitted turtleneck pullover in sand shade.


Nika (@barefootwithnika) is a barefoot enthusiast and blogger, who shares reviews, barefoot shoe brands, debunks common myths and shares seasonal styling tips. She started her barefoot shoes journey a few years ago and is never going back. Going hand in hand with barefoot shoes is slow fashion for Nika, too – in her posts, she highlights sustainable and slow fashion brands that go lighter on the planet. Nika is wearing our knitted triangle pullover in cream shade.

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