Mila.Vert Styling Tips: Our Knitted Dress in the Perfect Spring Shade

Mila.Vert Styling Tips: Our Knitted Dress in the Perfect Spring Shade

Minimalism is all about clean cuts and textures for us. When the form of a dress is simple and straight forward, it is different textures that add a touch of variety and playfulness to an outfit. When the weather allows for layering, everything becomes even more thrilling – how to combine and balance without overpowering and overshadowing?

Our knitted V-neck dress is gorgeous on its own, but it’s also a piece that can be easily styled in many ways. The cream colour complements the rest of our colour palette perfectly and looks good with everything – it’s as simple as that.

For this edition of our styling tips, we took our cream bestseller through the day. From a cosy morning with a cardigan, the dress can be worn on its own come midday and with a coat in the evening. With our cardigans and coats as outer layers, the knitted V-neck dress can easily take you from dawn till dusk – and beyond.

Discover the styling options below.

Styling No.1

Styling No.2

Styling No.3

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