Mila.Vert Styling Tips: Our Knitted Long Pullover Styled for Winter

Mila.Vert Styling Tips: Our Knitted Long Pullover Styled for Winter

Discover Styling Ideas with Our Cosy Winter Classic

Our knitted long pullover was made for winter, and now that the temperatures are dropping, it’s high time we made use of it. This cosy classic is made from the softest organic cotton yarn and is designed to keep you warm and snug all day long.


The minimalist design with a prolonged shape and a chunky knitted neckline is easy to layer and looks good with virtually anything. Pair it with a sleek pair of trousers, such as our straight twill trousers, and elegant accessories for a professional day-to-night look.


If in need of an additional layer, add our arty bricks scarf. Thanks to its large dimensions, you can drape it around your shoulders to keep yourself as cosy as possible while the bold eye-catching print makes for a styling statement that unifies the outfit.


Winter coats, like our oversized standing collar coat, are out of closets and they will keep us company for the upcoming months. The knitted long pullover is just light enough to be worn comfortably underneath our warm winter coats and serves as the perfect layering base.


When temperatures call for more layers, pair our oversized belted coat with our ribbed scarf to create a complete winter outfit that will keep you warm in any weather. Alternatively, layer it up with additional knitted accessories which you can find in our online shop.


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