Mila.Vert Styling Tips: Top 3 Day-to-Night Winter Pieces

Mila.Vert Styling Tips: Top 3 Day-to-Night Winter Pieces

With the colder season sweeping all around us and the festivities on the horizon, days are becoming increasingly too short to fit in all the errands. From a school run to the office and a business meeting to gift shopping and a family dinner, events are piling up and efficiency is key. Luckily, our versatile sustainable classics can do it all.

When times are hectic, dressing smartly – and comfortably – is even more important. We are highlighting three winter pieces that will see you from day to night and deliver an effortlessly chic impression at any occasion. We intentionally went for pieces that can be styled simply. By changing just one of them, an everyday casual outfit is dressed up and transformed completely to an evening look.

Discover our styling ideas below.

Knitted turtleneck pullover

Easily one of our favourite pieces for its versatility, the turtleneck pullover is crafted from the finest 100% organic cotton. It can be styled with all sorts of skirts and trousers, either tucked in or untucked. For an evening look, add another layer over the pullover and you’re ready to go.


Straight twill trousers

Go for our straight twill trousers in classic black shade when looking for something comfortable and easy to style. When we say they go with everything, we mean it – pair them with a knitted pullover for a day on the go and with our silky Tencel™ shirt and a warm coat for a festive-dinner-ready look.


Oversized standing collar coat

The oversized standing collar coat adds an undertone of timeless elegance to everything you pair it with. We went for our knitted easy-to-wear turtleneck dress and a matching knitted scarf for a day look and our Tencel™ long shirt dress. The shiny shirt dress already has a luxurious feel to it on its own, but paired with our light grey oversized coat you truly get a match made in heaven.


To make day-to-night stylings even simpler, find more outfit ideas in our Shop the Look section.

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