Stay calm, stay informed, stay kind.

Stay calm, stay informed, stay kind.

In the face of the current situation we’re experiencing, there have been no aspects of our lives left unaffected by the spread of COVID-19. The routine we were used to at Mila.Vert was turned upside down in a matter of days.

To help curb the spread of the virus, our team is not working from the studio anymore – our days are instead spent with the ones closest to us in our homes. As maintaining a healthy everyday routine in these circumstances is proving to be a challenge, we gathered some tips we have found useful through the past few days.

Stay calm.

  • Eat well. Stay hydrated. Get enough sleep. These might seem obvious, but we must all admit we often forget about the basics.
  • Keep yourself occupied. Read books. Listen to music. Clean your flat. Go through your “to watch” list of films and series you usually don’t have the time for.
  • Spend time in nature on your own. Take a walk. Go for a run. This will allow you to clear your head and enjoy the sunshine and birdsong.
  • Stay creative. Write, draw, paint, cook, … Come up with stories, games, activities for yourself and your family.

Stay informed.

  • Watch, listen to and read news from credible (official) sources.
  • Educate yourself about COVID-19 and how to prevent the spread of it from your government’s official guidelines.
  • Stay in touch with your loved ones. Call or text your friends. Make videocalls. Write emails. Share your thoughts and feelings.

Stay kind.

  • Ask your elderly neighbours if they need anything from the shop and deliver it to their door.
  • Call someone you know who might feel lonely due to staying at home. Let them know you think of them.
  • Support your local small businesses. Coffee shops, hairdressers, florists, restaurants, and everyone else who may struggle with the current situation. Go online and buy gift-cards from them you can use later in the upcoming months. Donate money if you can.

We would be grateful if you shared some more of your suggestions down in the comments. What do you do to keep your mind active and aware of the severity of the situation but not preoccupied and troubled with anxiety?

Since we all of a sudden have more time on our hands than usually, our team tries to spend as much time outside and in nature. We cannot stress enough how breathing in the fresh air, going for walks, working out outside has helped us to stay grounded and reconnect with ourselves every day. 

Our online shop is still operating. If you can, you may still support us by buying our giftcard. Ethical and sustainable brands now need your support more than ever.


We will also focus on sharing more behind-the-scenes content in the upcoming weeks. We feel it’s right for you to get to know the people and the stories behind the brand. After all, 
Mila.Vert is not just the clothes we make; we are real people with a shared vision who try to do their bit as best as we can.  It is now more than ever crucial to support sustainable, ethical companies. Hopefully, this will provide some intriguing content for you to enjoy and help take your mind off the adversity we’re facing at least for a moment. 

Lastly, our sympathy goes out to the people affected by COVID-19 and their families. We would like to also express our deepest gratitude and admiration towards fearless teams of doctors, nurses, laboratory scientists and all the other members of the staff working relentlessly day after day to help those in need. 

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Stay calm, stay informed, stay kind.

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