Mila.Vert Styling tips: Arty bricks pattern

Mila.Vert Styling tips: Arty bricks pattern

Bold and stylish from afar, soft and fuzzy up close  our best-selling arty bricks scarf surely is an eye-catcher. Boasting a sophisticated double-colour pattern, its distinctive design is completely unique. What is more, the scarf may be worn on both sides, revealing a different colour scheme on each.

Below you may find three cosy stylings to showcase the scarf's versatility and inspire you to spice up your winter wardrobe. With its custom-made design, the scarf can easily be dressed up or down to go with any outfit.

Styling No.1

Without a doubt our personal favourite, the combination of the arty bricks design and the knitted aran pullover and hat combines two essentials for the colder months. With a number of colour options available, from dusty pink and burgundy to cream and grey, the duo can be combined so that it fits any wardrobe perfectly.

Mila.Vert Style tips - organic styleAran vegan jumper - burgundy

Styling No.2

The second styling celebrates burgundy, our signature shade of the season. The liveliness of the scarf is accompanied by our knitted double colour dress, both in cream and burgundy colours.

Sustainable fashion styling

Styling No.3

Alternatively, the same combination is also available in grey and burgundy.

Styling No.4

In need of an elevated style? Besides matching our range of knitwear, the arty bricks scarf goes beautifully with our party-season-ready dresses, too. Match it with our wide-rib long dress for an elegant evening styling.


All of our knitwear is made of 100% organic cotton in matching colours  we made sure our garments complement each other flawlessly. This way, the styling inspiration doesn't end here.

Discover all of our unique arty-bricks styles below – the variety of options to combine them is boundless.


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