Styled by You: Perfect for Summer – the Oversized White Shirt

Styled by You: Perfect for Summer – the Oversized White Shirt

Summer Dressing Made Easy with Our Oversized White Shirt

Summer hit us at full speed and temperatures are boiling – how do you keep cool these days? It’s not only the heat, it’s also the difference between outside and inside temperatures that poses another trial – you know it sometimes gets properly chilly in air-conditioned interiors after arriving from the hot outdoor air.

When it comes to comfortable summer dressing, light organic fabrics are key, and nobody does it better than our organic cotton oversized white shirt. Not only will it save you from feeling stuffy and sweaty, but it will also come in handy as a light layer for when you find yourself in a chilly air stream – be it the AC or the evening breeze. Our oversized shirt is the hero here: it can be worn on its own or layered over a top of your choice. It knows no setting limitations either – it does perfectly as an office-ready shirt or as a beach day outer layer.

We’ve seen you style it gorgeously – here are some of our favourite picks.

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