Styling Tips: Why Our White Top is the Perfect Summer Basic

Styling Tips: Why Our White Top is the Perfect Summer Basic

Summer in the city is all about mixing and matching your favourite pieces. Depending on the occasion, your day might require different outfits – but there’s one trusted basic you can keep returning to. Easily paired with anything, our short-sleeved top in white colour will never let you down.

In this edition of Styling Tips, we’re sharing all the various ways of styling the top with you. The outfits can be suited for events from formal to casual and everything in between, making you feel comfortable and stylish in our perfectly fitted top no matter the occasion. Here are our suggestions.

For a true summer feel, you can pair our white top with a light bottom layer that adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Our tencel sateen midi skirt is just that – easy to wear, but endlessly glamorous.

Some days are still scattered with showers and summer storms, that’s why trusted upper layers must be at the ready, too. Style the basic white top with a knitted cardigan or our water-resistant classic trench coat for an outfit that withstands all the moody weather.

Eternally stylish is how you can describe our striped shirt. Wear it with a minimalist monochrome outfit, which can be elegantly made more relaxed with a simple touch of a striped pattern.

Looking for a more structured look? Sophistication meets all-natural materials in our tailored organic cotton blazer, creating a timelessly elegant yet summer-ready outfit with a pair of matching shorts.


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