Support your sustainable favourites

Support your sustainable favourites

With COVID-19 bringing everything to a halt, life as we knew it stopped for Mila.Vert as well. We had so many plans for spring which had to be reviewed to keep the people involved in the process as safe as possible. But as humanity has proved time and time again, we are resilient and we will get through difficulties – but it will be so much easier if we go through this together.

As a sustainable business, everything we produce is produced locally in our small-scale production facilities, where our seamstresses are paid a fair living wage. We only use high-quality, sustainable, certified organic or recycled materials. As everything we produce is made to order, we have no extra stock. These are just some of the benefits of running a small sustainable brand – we must not forget the beautiful friendships created along the way and all the heart-warming stories you help us write every day.


Sustainable & Ethical fashion gift card

We, as so many other ethical, small brands, are still present online. Showing support to your favourite sustainable brands online helps us stay focused on designing fair fashion for you. By buying either our clothing or gift cards for yourself or as a present for your loved ones, you enable us to bridge these difficult weeks so we can continue our mission of making fashion fairer during this challenging time and in the future.

Thank you for your continuous support – we will go through this together, too.

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