Our Sustainable Gift Guide for the Festive Season

Our Sustainable Gift Guide for the Festive Season

Even though the holiday season still seems ages away, it will be here before you know it. The best gifts are always the ones given from the heart – and with a pinch of careful consideration beforehand. To avoid stressing and rushing when it’s almost too late, we gathered some useful tips to keep your gifts for your loved ones useful, timeless and – most importantly – sustainable.

What to bear in mind before buying?

  • Do it slowly and consciously. Try not to be impulsive; instead, write a list of ideas for the recipient of your gift and put it away for a day or two. Then check the list again and see if you can take some ideas away or add a new absolute brilliant one.
  • Find something they will love. Do you know what your gift recipient needs or wishes for? Can you ask them or someone close to them? It’s always better to gather a few hints and go with something that will be spot on – and just perfect for whoever you’re getting a present for, whether it’s a family member, a co-worker or a neighbour.
  • Keep it simple and easy on the planet. Can you make the gift yourself? Can your gift be an experience, like a theatre or a concert ticket or a trip to the mountains? Can the gift you’re getting be reused and recycled? Whatever it is, bear in mind it’s the quality of materials, the design and the production process that determine how a piece performs and for how long it will be used.

We’ve gathered some sustainable gift ideas below and on our website. Besides our regular assortment of forever classics, a bunch of our products are now available as festive sets for a limited time only. As always, all of them are kind to you and kind to the planet – and just right for the giving season.

Discover all gift ideas on our website now.

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