Meet Our New Arrivals: Sustainable Winter Coats

Meet Our New Arrivals: Sustainable Winter Coats

Everything we make is designed thoughtfully from the very beginning. From picking the right fabric to creating the right pattern, we want Mila.Vert products to be perfect while keeping sustainability our number one priority. This was our mission while creating this season’s new arrivals, sustainable winter coats.

Minimising polyester-based fibres

We’d wanted to make winter coats ever since the beginning, but simply couldn’t find the right fabric for it. We looked through countless samples, but none fit what we wanted. We couldn’t go for a 100% plastic-based fabric light-heartedly – although vegan, it has a negative environmental impact in the long run. There are fabrics available from 100% recycled polyester – but we wanted to have as little of it as possible in our collection.

A warm alternative to virgin wool

Although there are warm winter fabrics available on the market that come from farms we know treat their animals with dignity and respect, we still knew we did not want to use virgin wool either. We care about the wellbeing of our animal friends – and if we could, we wanted to avoid using virgin wool. That was when we found a fabric that was made entirely from recycled fibres – and knew it was just what we were looking for.

Finding a 100% recycled fabric – less waste, more warmth

The fabric was just right. The majority of the fibres it uses are natural, recycled wool fibres from post-consumer waste. The rest are recycled fabrics such as polyester and nylon – but they are there only to bind wool fabrics together and they do this marvellously.

We turned our attention to what was first treated as waste – and gave it a new meaning. There are so many resources available out there that could be used again, some of them even continuously. Luckily, there are fabric producers out there who gave discarded products a new life – and we are delighted to be working with them. When we found ourselves conflicted between materials, we think turning our attention to recycled fabrics was one of the most sustainable things we could do as a brand.


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