This Is an Announcement We Wish We Weren’t Making

This Is an Announcement We Wish We Weren’t Making

We have something important to tell you.

We are raising the prices of our products on 17th January – and we’d like to explain why.

Following a year of ups and downs globally and internally, the uncertain circumstances have caused our outcomes to grow significantly. As we are no longer able to cover our costs and wish to keep the same ethical standards, raising our prices is the only solution.

We thought over and over about this and the final decision was not taken lightly. The values Mila.Vert is built upon – our made-to-order production, organic and sustainable materials, fairly-paid local producers and our team – are here to stay and we will never compromise them.

The prices of everything in our online shop are staying unchanged until 16th January. If you’ve been eyeing a garment of ours, now’s your chance to get it at its old price.

To ease the transition and as a token of gratitude for your support, we're happy to offer you a 10% discount sitewide with the code: ETHICAL10.

Please note: The code is only valid until 16th January at midnight PST and cannot be used to buy gift cards.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you for sticking with us through everything and for following us along on our journey.

With love,

the Mila.Vert team

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