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International Women’s Day: The Story of Tina, the founder of Mila.Vert

International Women’s Day: The Story of Tina, the founder of Mila.Vert

It begins with one brave woman’s business idea

The story of Mila.Vert begins in 2015, when soon after the birth of her first daughter, Tina Logar Bauchmüller decided it was time to make her life-long idea her new career path. The new role of a mother empowered Tina to bravely venture into the unknown and try another new role – one of a fashion designer.

Since being respectful to everyone and everything is one of Tina’s core values in life, there was no question that the brand was going to be a sustainable one. Mila.Vert’s entire production is based in Slovenia, EU, where the brand originates. As their partners, the brand chose two small local sewing companies and a family-owned knitting studio. The Mila.Vert team regularly visits them – building personal relationships and friendships with the people they work with is just another positive aspect of the brand.

Bringing like-minded women along

As the brand grew, the team grew along with it. Right now, there are five women working with Mila.Vert alongside Tina, the founder, and all are passionate about combining sustainability, fashion and a conscious approach to life. Each brings her own unique talents and knowledge to the table, covering different fields and helping the brand with what she’s best at. As Tina says: “For me, Mila.Vert represents the story of empowerment, of following your passion and being kind to yourself and to others. And this is how I want to make you feel.”

Tina’s work was recently recognised by ELLE and Mila.Vert was awarded Best Designer at ELLE Style Awards 2021. The award came to the team as a surprise, but it undoubtedly proves that the efforts put into what they do truly pay off, motivating them to carry on with their mission of bringing sustainable minimalist fashion to modern women everywhere.

Honouring a Resilient, Brave and Unapologetic Women’s Day with 10% Off Everything for You

For this year's Women’s Day we’d like to honour the diversity and courage of women everywhere. It hasn’t been easy lately, but together we keep proving how resilient, inventive and brave women are.

Communities we build together are what we’re grateful for this women’s day. It may sound like a cliché, but no matter whether they’re great or small, on a small local or big global scale, they truly are what keeps us going. The energy, the care and the time invested in them is always reflected and returned tenfold. Small brands like ours depend on positive feedback and referrals from our customers in the community we build together – and that’s what we’d like to say thank you for.

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